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A Family Owned Business

The Patterson family has a deep-rooted passion for ranching, which led us to start our own family business. Our journey began in 1998 when we acquired our first Charolais cattle, a tradition that was passed down from Les' uncle's family. In 2009, Les suffered an accident that resulted in the loss of his leg and his job as a power plant manager. This prompted us to pivot and focus on raising Wagyu beef cattle. We started with just four heifers and one bull, but have since grown our herd and now have a working relationship with Justin Secrest to breed and cycle out bulls. All of our animals are of AA5 quality or higher.

At our family business, we strive to create long-term relationships with our customers. To that end, we offer a competitive buyback and trade program to help you improve your own herd. Thank you for considering us as your trusted source for high-quality Wagyu cattle.

About Us: Our Farm


We have been doing business with Les and Rita Patterson at Patterson Wagyu for several years. In that time, our association has grown from business associates to friends. We appreciate their passion for continually improving their herd and taking Wagyu to the next level.  They stand behind their product and offer a competitive buyback program.  Les and Rita are beyond prime.

Justin and Melanie Secrest
Secrest Cattle Company

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Recently my wife Ruth and I decided we would give a shot at raising Wagyu.  Before this decision, we raised a small herd of Angus and Angus/mixed breeds.  We decided to purchase a bred heifer from Les and Rita Patterson.  Les is very knowledgeable regarding genetics and selective breeding to improve his herd and provide quality Wagyu.  The transaction went excellent, and Les is just a phone call away from offering professional advice and assistance if needed. I recommend Les and Rita Patterson for your next (or first) Wagyu purchase.


Joe Reed

Springtown, Texas

I met Les & Rita through other businesses several years ago. They helped us get started in the Wagyu cattle business, giving us the knowledge and confidence we needed to build our own herd. As you get to know them, you will realize they are very kind people who are passionate about providing quality animals. We have formed a great friendship and will continue to do business for many years. Patterson Wagyu's quality genetics and customer loyalty will speak for themselves.

Austin Lane

4LK Ranch


Les Patterson

Founder and Co-Owner

Rita Patterson head shot.jpg

Rita Patterson


Ryan Patterson

Chief Operating Officer

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