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The Highest Grade Wagyu Genetics And Tenderness

All our cattle are DNA registered with the American Wagyu Association.

Cutting Edge Wagyu Genetics

Bred Heifers, Cows, Yearlings, and 30 Month Fed Out Purebred and Full Blood Steers


Les and Rita would like to welcome you to our Wagyu Ranch just located West of Fort Worth in Springtown, Texas!

Wagyu is arguably the best and most expensive beef money can buy. With its exceptional marbling, superior tenderness, and exquisite flavor, it’s no wonder Wagyu is the pinnacle of the beef world.

Through careful genetic selection and feeding, We can create an experience for connoisseurs unmatched by any other beef. From executive chefs to weekend barbecue fans, Wagyu offers a quality everyone can enjoy. And with its proven health benefits, choosing Wagyu isn’t just a treat for your taste buds; it’s great for your heart as well.

Not only is the AWA’s purpose to educate consumers about the wonderful attributes of Wagyu, but they also encourage our members to market their beef products with confidence and truth in labeling due to our extensive DNA verification and registration process.

Wagyu beef really does take red meat to a level beyond Prime. Try it today!


About Patterson Wagyu

Welcome to our family business. The Patterson family has a long history of ranching, and our vision to start a family business grew from our love of the country and passing that love of animals to our children. In 1998 we purchased our first Charolais cattle, a legacy of Les’ uncle’s family. We only raised a few cows, but in 2009 Les had an accident that cost him his leg and position as a power plant manager. As we reimagined our lives and the meat market, we decided to invest in Wagyu beef. We started five years ago with four wagyu heifers that we purchased from Bubba Kay and a AA 9 bull. Today we have a working relationship with Justin Secrest to cycle out bulls for breeding and are working on creating a genetic issue-free herd. We have all AA5 quality or higher animals.

We want to establish long-term relationships where we offer a competitive buyback and trade program to help you to improve your herd. 


Recently my wife Ruth and I decided we would give a shot at raising Wagyu.  Before this decision, we raised a small herd of Angus and Angus/mixed breeds.  We decided to purchase a bred heifer from Les and Rita Patterson.  Les is very knowledgeable regarding genetics and selective breeding to improve his herd and provide quality Wagyu.  The transaction went excellent, and Les is just a phone call away from offering professional advice and assistance if needed.  I recommend Les and Rita Patterson for your next (or first) Wagyu purchase.

Joe Reed


Guaranteed Prime Cattle. From the Best in the Industry.

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